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International Buyers still have a strong appetite for the UK property Market. This is thanks in part to the stability of the UK politically and economically (Despite Brexit!). 


There are further opportunities with the newly elected Conservative Government and its desire to trade internationally including strengthening ties with Asia and China. 


Added opportunity from the weak pound has further increased interest in the UK Market for investors.


London Residential market has been consistently lacking in supply for buyers. It has therefore meant that a strong letting's market is required. This market has been under pressure. The underlying problem is a lack of affordable housing for middle or lower income earners. The luxury market has gradually become saturated and overpriced.


We aim to access this market, especially in up and coming areas of London and in the south east where infrastructure projects are being pushed by local government.

We make investments in both commercial and residential assets. Being landlords ourselves gives us a better understanding of the project life-cycle and first hand experience about landlord expectations. We expect the highest standards and by managing our own portfolio ensures these standards are adhered to. 



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